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(FS1 Natural) Status updated on Monday 4th March 2019

(FS2 Koi) Status updated on Monday 4th March 2019

10kg Fish Sticks  (FS1,FS2,FS4)

Available in... Natural fish sticks (FS1)
Koi fish sticks (FS2)
Mixed fish sticks (FS4) product shown.

n/a  (FS1 Natural)
n/a  (FS2 Koi)
5028188066637 (FS1 Natural)
5028188066644 (FS2 Koi)

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Status updated on Wednesday 6th February 2019

Sows Ears  (SE25)

These ears are the larger sows ears.

Dimensions:  n/a

Barcode:  n/a

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(280ml) Status updated on Wednesday 9th January 2019

Plastic Tub  (TUB)

Clear plastic tub with lid ideal for food storage with many other uses.

Once the tamper proof seal has been broken, the tubs can be resealed/reused.

The 800ml version includes handle.

Dimensions are outside diameter including lid x height. The diameter of the opening is approx 10mm less than the lid and the sides of the tub taper.

Dimensions:  9.5 x 7cm

Barcode:  n/a

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(Large) Status updated on Tuesday 25th September 2018

(Medium) Status updated on Thursday 14th June 2018

Stag Antlers  (8146)

These 100% natural stag antlers strengthen and clean dogs teeth, are full of minerals and have no odour. As a long lasting chew, they make little mess and will not splinter. Please note antlers vary in shape, thickness and colour so are graded by weight.

150 - 224g (Large)
75 - 149g (Medium)
5028188281467 (Large)
5028188181460 (Medium)

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(TRS) Status updated on Wednesday 13th June 2018

Pigs Trotters  (TRS,TRS2)

Dimensions:  20cm

Barcode:  n/a

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Status updated on Monday 14th May 2018

Beef Tripe Sticks  (TRIPE)

Dimensions:  100g

Barcode:  5028188066668

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RRP:  £1.89

Status updated on Tuesday 8th May 2018

Deal - J  (DEAL-J)

(BT800) Medium Bird Toys Asst x 12pcs
(BT0704) Birs Toys & Accessories Asst x 12pcs
(BT31) Wooden Bird Toys with Bell x 4pcs
(BB36) Wooden Bird Toys with Bell x 4pcs
(BT1112) Rope Triangle Bird Swing Large x 4pcs

Colours and designs may vary.
See individual listings for variants and more info.
Normal price £31.00 as sold seperately.

Dimensions:  n/a

Barcode:  n/a

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(6648) Status updated on Friday 6th April 2018

Leather Chain Lead  (6644-6649)

A quality British made leather chain lead with double-edged stitching (except 6644) and silver snap hook. Available in Tan, Black, Red, Pink, Blue & Brown.

Dimensions:  3/4" x 36"

Barcode:  5028188066484

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