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Hide Knotted Bones  (8169)

Dimensions:  4.5"

Barcode:  5028188081692

Price: Click

RRP:  £1.49

Hide Knotted Bones  (8178)

Dimensions:  8"

Barcode:  5028188081784

Price: Click

RRP:  £3.49

Cat Safety Collars  (6903)

4 assorted with buckle & bell, fashionable designs. Elastic stretch for added safety.

Dimensions:  30cm x 10mm

Barcode:  5028188069034

Price: Click

RRP:  £1.49

Assorted Reflective Platted Leads  (DL913)

4 assorted designs.

Dimensions:  48" x 9mm

Barcode:  5028188009139

Price: Click

Assorted Platted Leads  (DL365-DL368)

4 assorted designs.

24" x 15mm (DL365)
36" x 15mm (DL366)
5028188003656 (DL365)
5028188003663 (DL366)

Price: Click

(DL365)   £4.99
(DL366)   £6.49

Platted Reflective Lead  (DL905)

4 assorted colours yellow, green, red & blue.

Dimensions:  24" x 15mm

Barcode:  5028188009054

Price: Click

RRP:  £4.99

Carpet Post with Dome Den  (CSP2263)

A quality carpet post cat scratcher with dome den and hanging mouse cat toy. Assorted blue or beige colours.

Dimensions:  height 44cm

Barcode:  5028188022633

Price: Click

RRP:  £21.99

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