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Squeaky Doggy Newspapers  (VTO115)

Dimensions:  5 x 16cm

Barcode:  5028188001157

Price: Click

RRP:  £1.49

Assorted Squeaky Jumbo Bones  (VTO367)

Dimensions:  12"

Barcode:  5028188003670

Price: Click

RRP:  £5.49

Food Toys Assorted  (VTO108)

Dimensions:  medium

Barcode:  5028188001089

Price: Click

RRP:  £1.49

Assorted Squeaky Dumbells  (VTO950)

Dimensions:  8"

Barcode:  5028188009504

Price: Click

RRP:  £1.89

Latex Real Sound Pigs  (LT6850)

These latex pigs have a real pig sound effect

Dimensions:  6" approx

Barcode:  5028188068501

Price: Click

RRP:  £4.99

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