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Status updated on Friday 14th September 2018

Discontinued - Plastic Niger (Thistle) Seed Feeders  (6745)

4 perch design.

Dimensions:  21 x 6.5cm

Barcode:  5028188067450

Price: Click

RRP:  £3.49

Status updated on Tuesday 11th September 2018

Discontinued - Tie Out Stakes  (DT111)

Dimensions:  8mm x 40cm

Barcode:  5028188001119

Price: Click

RRP:  £2.89

(5104) Status updated on Tuesday 11th September 2018

Discontinued - Choke Chains  (5100-5113)

Dimensions:  medium 2.5mm x 22"

Barcode:  5028188051046

Price: Click

RRP:  £1.79

Status updated on Monday 10th September 2018

Discontinued - Ancient Pharaoh Columns  (05177)

A detailed polyresin ancient pharaoh columns ornament by Aqua Spectra. This ornament is suitable for both the aquarium and terrarium.

Dimensions:  17.5 x 4.5 x 14cm

Barcode:  5028188051770

Price: Click

RRP:  £10.99

Status updated on Friday 7th September 2018

Discontinued - Reptile Background  (FPC9001)

A large sucker mounted realistically textured and detailed vivarium background sheet by Repstyle.

Dimensions:  60 x 40cm

Barcode:  5028188090014

Price: Click

RRP:  £20.99

Status updated on Friday 7th September 2018

Discontinued - Rock Cave  (FP27684)

A realistic and highly detailed polyresin rock cave by Repstyle. Suitable for terrarium or aquarium.

Dimensions:  20 x 14 x 6.5cm

Barcode:  5028188276845

Price: Click

RRP:  £7.99

Status updated on Monday 3rd September 2018

Discontinued - Rock Food Feeder  (FP27612)

A realistic polyresin rock feeder dish by Repstyle.

Dimensions:  15 x 12.5 x 4cm

Barcode:  5028188276128

Price: Click

RRP:  £6.49

Status updated on Friday 31st August 2018

Discontinued - 3 Tier Hamster Cage  (HC4252)

A 3 tier hamster/gerbil cage with food dispenser, drink dispenser, easy clean sliding droppings tray, exercise wheel and nest house. Colour may vary from image.

Dimensions:  35 x 28 x 48cm

Barcode:  5028188042525

Price: Click

RRP:  £23.99

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