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Shipwreck with Grass  (AQ62524)

A beautifully detailed polyresin shipwreck with plastic grass by Aqua Spectra.

Dimensions:  30 x 14 x 21cm

Barcode:  5028188625247

Price: Click

RRP:  £28.99

Shipwreck Scene with Plants  (AQ28452)

A beautifully detailed and realistic polyresin shipwreck scene with plants by Aqua Spectra.

Dimensions:  31 x 15.5 x 12cm

Barcode:  5028188284529

Price: Click

RRP:  £24.99

Sunken Boat with Grass  (AQ62525)

A beautifully detailed polyresin sunken boat with plastic grass by Aqua Spectra.

Dimensions:  22 x 11.5 x 8.5cm

Barcode:  5028188625254

Price: Click

RRP:  £12.99

Shipwreck  (AQ00531)

A highly detailed polyresin shipwreck ornament by Aqua Spectra.

Dimensions:  24.5 x 6 x 18cm

Barcode:  5028188005315

Price: Click

RRP:  £19.99

Large 2 Piece Shipwreck  (AQ00532)

A highly detailed 2 piece polyresin shipwreck ornament by Aqua Spectra.

Dimensions:  21 x 10 x 28cm (left), 26 x 11 x 33.5cm (right)

Barcode:  5028188005322

Price: Click

RRP:  £46.99

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